Building more homes in Britain

New figures show that the number of new homes being registered across the UK is at its highest level since 2007.By working closely with housebuilders, we’re ensuring that they have the skills n

Transforming Homes in Britain

For decades, sink estates, and sometimes the people who lived in them, have been seen as something simply to be managed, leading to gangs, and entrenching poverty.

English Votes for English Laws: Delivered

In our manifesto, we committed to English Votes for English Laws – and we’ve now delivered it.The Housing Bill was the first piece of legislation to be subject to the new system.It wasn’t fair that

Conservative MPs push for changes to PHV regulations

Over the past twelve months attention has been growing to the ongoing dispute between the black cab trade and the emergence of app-based companies such as Uber. During this time Transport for London (TfL) and the High Court have been seeking clarification on the legal position of these companies, and regardless of your respective view on Uber, the arguments put forward on both sides of the debate highlight that taxi and ‘private hire vehicle’ (PHV) legislation is, on the whole, out of date and overly complex.

Christmas visit to Bromley Delivery Office

Every year in the weeks leading up to Christmas, I try to drop by Bromley Delivery Office to thank its staff for all their hard work throughout the year, but particularly during these incredibly busy few weeks.