Local News

The Trade Bill

I have recently received a large number of enquiries about the Trade Bill and what the legislation means in terms of our future trade deals.

The Agriculture Bill and food standards

A large number of residents have recently contacted me regarding the Agriculture Bill and the food standards we currently enjoy, which are among the highest in the world.

Statement on Dominic Cummings

As you can imagine, a large number of constituents have contacted me over the weekend concerning Dominic Cummings, many getting in touch with their MP for the first time ever.

Coronavirus update

Understandably, I have received many enquiries over the last week regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) and the Government’s approach to tackling this significant challenge. This is a worrying and uncertain time for all of us, but especially those with elderly or vulnerable loved ones.

Biodiversity along the River Cray

The Cray Forum is a fantastic platform for residents living in the Crays. Their community events are a real force for good, and I was delighted to join their junior branch at a litter pick, organised by the children of local schools, along the River Cray last month (pictured above).

Rail Update

Given a number of recent developments, including meetings with both the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, and the Managing Director of Southeastern, David Statham, I thought it would be useful to share an update on the progress being made on rail.

Today's Brexit vote

I campaigned to remain in the EU but I accept that our side lost the referendum. I continue to believe that a ‘no-deal’ outcome would be harmful to this country, albeit that we are better prepared to mitigate it than we were in March, and I wish to avoid it.

Prorogation of Parliament

Many people have contacted me about the prorogation of Parliament. Whilst I recognise that the decision is controversial, it is not, I believe, unlawful or unconstitutional and the use of words like “coup” or “dictatorship” is unjustified.

The Time is Now lobby on climate change

Last week I was pleased to be able to meet with everyone who took the time to travel up from Bromley as part of ‘The Time is Now’ lobby.