Nicky Dykes

I have had the honour of being one of the Conservative Councillors for Bromley Town since 2012, the ward in which I am lucky to live.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many residents.  I have played an active role in planning as a member of three planning committee.  I have successfully opposed large inappropriate developments such as the proposed tower block on Elmfield Road and helped residents ensure small residential developments don’t impact the integrity of their environment. I have been committed to making sure that Bromley Town maintains its character whilst ensuring that the borough delivers enough housing to meet the boroughs targets and affordable homes.

I am very passionate about education.  Bromley has excellent schools with 85% being good or outstanding. I am pleased to have actively supported the expansion of primary schools and creation of new ones such as Harris in Shortlands. Similarly, I have supported the delivery of new secondary school places such as Eden Park High School and am an active supporter of Bullers Wood School for Boys.

I live in the Ward with my husband and three young daughters who attend a local nursery.