Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan has been ward councillor for Plaistow and Sundridge since 2006. He has always done his best to help residents with a host of difficulties whether planning, housing, traffic and parking, litter, street cleaning and is always available to meet or speak with residents.

Peter has been on the Executive Committee of the Borough for about eight years and for most of this time has been the Portfolio Holder for Renewal and Recreation. He is a Chartered Surveyor so brings his professional expertise to bear on the matters under his control.

Peter is married with three daughters and has lived in the Borough for 38 years in the same property. He is a Trustee of the Bromley and Sheppards Colleges, a Trustee of the Bromley and Downham Youth Club and was a governor of Burnt Ash Primary School until recently. He is a former Church Warden of St John’s Church in the ward and a former Chairman of Bromley Cricket Club in Plaistow Lane. He runs a property valuation practice in the Borough having previously been a Director of a major London practice.