Suraj Sharma

Suraj Sharma has resided in the area his entire life and lives near Elmstead Woods together with his wife and two young children who both go to school in the area.

Suraj is passionate about Chislehurst with its green and open spaces and is committed to defending the character of the area from inappropriate development. As a resident Suraj knows the area, the services and amenities intimately and is fully invested in Chislehurst and its community.

As a self starter and entrepreneur Suraj has gained a lot of experience in a multitude of industries including international trade, construction and ecommerce. Suraj has a track record in delivering not only in the commercial world but also for not for profit organisations.

Suraj has always been an active volunteer and was previously Secretary of a prominent Premier League Trust and helped transform it into one of the most powerful voices in the game.  Suraj is also a member of the Conservative Foreign & Commonwealth Council.

Outside of politics Suraj has a keen interest in history, astronomy, reading, football and travel.