Eric Bosshard

Borough Councillor for Chislehurst
Eric Bosshard has lived in Chislehurst for over 30 years and has been a Councillor since 2006. He gained his Ph.D from Imperial College and is a member of the Institute of Energy and registered with the Financial Services Authority. He has been CEO of an oil company and a merchant banker and is now a consultant and director of a UK oil company. He has international business experience and expertise in corporate finance and has negotiated with Government Departments, Regulatory Authorities and County Councils.

As chairman of the Executive & Resources Committee Eric has overseen the activities of the Council, held the Executive to account and has materially contributed to keeping the Council Tax down as far as possible, without impairing the quality of frontline services. He wishes to improve the quality of life of the residents of Chislehurst, especially with regard to the environment and housing developments, whilst ensuring that flight nuisance from Biggin Hill does not increase.