Brexit update - 29.03.19

Today’s result is particularly disappointing. I voted again for the Prime Minister’s deal for an orderly Brexit that respects the referendum result and importantly protects jobs and businesses. I salute those colleagues who have recognised that we’re all going to have to make compromises to find a way forward.

Sadly, many others across the House have been too willing to play party politics or rigidly pursue a purist and ideological approach which has prevented us from delivering what I believe to be the best way of leaving the EU. I have never tried to make Brexit a party political issue, but the blatant and cynical behaviour of the leadership of the Labour Party has been one of the major factors contributing to this impasse. I believe they have let the country down.

I will continue to work with colleagues to find a deliverable means of resolving what is now a real national crisis. On Monday, Parliament will again have the chance to seek alternative approaches. I am certain that a disorganised Brexit without a deal would do great damage to the interests of the country and the residents of Bromley and Chislehurst, for all of the reasons I have set out before. There is still time to prevent this, but it requires compromise and an acceptance that no one is going to get everything that they want. That’s the nature of any negotiation and it’s time for a serious and urgent outbreak of reality on the part of those who think otherwise.