Concerns regarding recent anti-social behaviour at Conquest House

Over the last couple of days a number of residents have contacted me regarding Conquest House on Elmfield Road. I am very aware of the anti-social behaviour far too many people have experienced walking near the adjoining underpass recently, which in a number of cases has been very serious indeed, and can certainly understand the concern this has caused, particularly for residents of neighbouring roads. It is a problem I have  been working to tackle with the Bromley Town Councillors – Nicky Dykes, Will Harmer and Michael Rutherford – as well as our local police force.  

On Friday, I met with Chief Superintendent Dave Stringer in Bromley to discuss this issue in detail. There will now be more patrols in the area, and I hope residents will begin to see the benefits of this increased police presence over the coming days. Going forward, I have also requested that more officers are deployed to the Bromley Town Centre team, not only to assist on the Palace Estate but also along the High Street and in the Glades. I should hear whether this request has been successful within the next few weeks.  

With regards to securing the Conquest House site, the Councillors and I have written to the senior management of Taylor Wimpey urging them to adopt a more constructive approach to this problem and requesting a meeting so that we can discuss the future options for the building. I have attached a copy of this at the bottom of the page.  

Earlier today a team of bailiffs and locksmiths cleared and secured the site. There is a writ in place for three months that ensures any trespassers can be removed by the police, and we are now expecting Taylor Wimpey to publish a plan setting out how they intend to keep the site secure, which we believe should include regular patrols. The Council will be monitoring closely their progress on this, as will I. I will also be looking with the Councillors at all other options to make the underpass safer, which should include better lighting and CCTV.

I am hopeful that these actions together will help alleviate a lot of the anti-social behaviour we have witnessed over the past weeks, but if anyone does encounter any further problems, please do not hesitate to contact me.



BN & Bromley Town Cllrs to Jennie Daly (Taylor Wimpey) - Conquest House - Oct 2019.pdf263.92 KB