Colin Smith

Borough Councillor for Bickley
Colin has lived in Bromley since 1963. He has been married for over 30 years to a Health professional and has served on the Council since 2002.

Will Harmer

Borough Councillor for Bromley Town
Will Harmer has lived in Bromley for over twenty years and has been an active campaigner around the local area for over ten years and currently lives in Bromley Town Ward.As a Councillor Will has played a pivotal part in shaping the future of the town centre, ensuring that residents' views are represented. As a member of the Executive & Resources Policy Development Committee has worked to shape the Council's technology policy.

Michael Rutherford

Borough Councillor for Bromley Town
Michael Rutherford is a local resident and an experienced local campaigner. He was already working alongside Bromley Town’s local Conservative Councillors to tackle issues raised by residents before he was elected.Michael is a project manager for IT projects in the insurance industry. He is a keen swimmer and Sunderland AFC fan.In a time of change for Bromley Town, Michael is dedicated to ensuring that the town redevelopment works for residents, is not excessive and provides jobs for local people.

Nicky Dykes

Borough Councillor for Bromley Town
Nicky Dykes lives in Bromley Town and like many local residents commutes to work from either Bromley South or Shortlands. A graduate of Southampton University, Nicky works at Unilever in the communications team.In her spare time Nicky has helped with fundraising for various charities and in 2013 ran the London Marathon to raise money for Oxfam. She is a keen volunteer, having volunteered for a charity for disabled children, been involved with a local Brownie unit and has experience as a school governor.

Katy Boughey

Borough Councillor for Chislehurst
Katy Boughey has lived in Chislehurst for over 30 years and has been a local Councillor for more than 20 years. She is a member of the Development Control Committee and Chairman of a Planning Sub-Committee.Katy also serves on the South East Valuation Tribunal and the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Ian Payne

Borough Councillor for Chislehurst
Ian Payne was born in Jersey, Channel Islands, and is married with four children. A Qualified Chef, Ian worked as an Executive Hotel Manager before joining the Salvation Army in 1979.

Eric Bosshard

Borough Councillor for Chislehurst
Eric Bosshard has lived in Chislehurst for over 30 years and has been a Councillor since 2006. He gained his Ph.D from Imperial College and is a member of the Institute of Energy and registered with the Financial Services Authority. He has been CEO of an oil company and a merchant banker and is now a consultant and director of a UK oil company. He has international business experience and expertise in corporate finance and has negotiated with Government Departments, Regulatory Authorities and County Councils.